Directional Boring Machine for Sale in Oman

The horizontal directional drilling rig is a kind of construction machinery for laying various underground public facilities without excavating the ground surface. Due to its excellent performance, it is widely used in constructing pipelines such as electric power and oil. It can be constructed in sandy soil, clay, pebbles, and other non-hard rock areas. In … Read more

Small Water Well Drilling Rig for Sale in Haiti

Last month, clients from Haiti planned to purchase a small water well drilling rig. They contacted several manufacturers and told them their requirements. They wanted water well drilling rigs of high quality and accurate functions. As some manufacturers couldn’t make the machine to the clients’ needs, the clients finally found YG Machinery. YG could offer … Read more

Rock Splitter and Rock Drill for Sale in Portugal

A hydraulic rock splitter is a good machine sold by YG Machinery in 2019. Our customers come from all over the world, Mexico, Japan, Chile, Malaysia, Australia, Uruguay, Canada, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, and the United States. After our machine, the splitter machine, also known as the splitting machine, is a machine for splitting materials, which is … Read more

Rock Drills for Sale in Malaysia

At the beginning of December, our sales manager successfully sold several rock drills. This customer is very special. It is a new customer introduced by a customer who bought a machine from our company before because customers who bought a machine from our company believe in our machine. Quality also knows the specialty of our … Read more

Small Water Well Drilling Rig for Sale in Kenya

The small water well drilling rig is mainly used for earthing, soft rock such as limestone. The advantage is that the drilling is fast, the soil layer can drill 30 to 40 meters in one hour, which is convenient to move and the price is low. Our new customer is from Kenya. On September 24th, … Read more

DTH Rig and Air Compressor for Sale in Chile

Two months ago, we received an email from Chile that the customer said he needed a down-the-hole drilling rig and an air compressor, and now the Chilean customer has received our machine. The essence of down the hole drilling rig is to make the impactor dive into the hole in the process of rock drilling to reduce the energy … Read more

Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig for Sale in Pakistan

Last year, a customer from Pakistan sent us an email telling us that he needed a drilling rig. After saying his request, our sales manager recommended a crawler water well drilling rig to him and sent the technical parameters of the machine. Customers are also very satisfied after seeing it. However, customers still want to … Read more

DTH Drilling Rig for Sale in Pakistan

Some time ago, we sold a DTH drilling rig to a customer from Pakistan. Because this Pakistani customer is very professional in water well drilling rigs, especially DTH drilling rigs. So, he will take a long time to confirm the order. Therefore, our sales manager and the Pakistan customer go over the details again and … Read more

Small Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale in Australia

The small water well drilling rig is one of the most popular rig models of all drill rigs sold by Yugong Machinery. Since January 2018, we have sold different types of small water well drilling rigs to countries around the world, including small portable well rigs and hydraulic water well drilling rigs. We all have … Read more