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During the drilling process, the drill bit is the main tool for breaking the rock, and the wellbore is formed by the bit breaking the rock. A wellbore is formed well and in good length, in addition to the characteristics of the rock being drilled and the performance of the drill itself, and the degree of matching between the drill bit and the formation. The reasonable selection of the drill bit plays an important role in improving the drilling speed and reducing the comprehensive cost of drilling. Drill Bits for Sale in YG Machinery, if you need them, please contact us.

The drill bit is one of the important tools for oil drilling. Whether the bit adapts to the nature of the rock and its quality plays a very important role in the selection of drilling technology, especially for drilling quality, drilling speed, and drilling cost. The huge impact, PDC bit is a rock-breaking tool widely used in the oil and gas exploration and development industry today, which effectively improves the mechanical drilling tools and shortens the drilling cycle.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

Diamond Drill Bit
Diamond Drill Bit

PDC Drill Bit
PDC Drill Bit

Tricone Drill Bit
Tricone Drill Bit

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High Quality Diamond Bits for Sale
High-Quality Diamond Bits for Sale

Diamond Drill Bit for Sale:

Natural diamond drill bits crush the rock in a grinding manner, similar to the process of grinding metal with a grinding wheel.

  1. When drilling into some hard formations, the rock is pressed under the action of drilling pressure, so that the rock in contact with the diamond is in a very high-stress state and the rock is plasticized.
  2. In plastic formation( or a layer of plastic that is plastic under stress), the inside of the rock is broken or plastically flowed.
  3. In brittle rock, the stress generated by the weight-on-bit and torque causes the rock to exhibit brittle fracture, that is, the rock is broken in the form of shear and tension.
  4. In hard rock (such as tunnel, siliceous dolomite, siliceous limestone, etc.), it is necessary to rely on the edge of the diamond to achieve micro-cutting and scribing to break the rock.

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PDC Diamond Drill Bits
PDC Diamond Drill Bits

PDC Drill Bit Reasonable Selection and Use Precautions:

1. The drill bit should be selected based on the lithology of the formation and the drillability level of the formation, but it should be treated differently according to the type of lithology during use.

2. The drill bit should be selected based on the type of formation. In general, the PDC bit is suitable for soft medium, and hard formations.

  • For soft formations with large plasticity coefficients, large-diameter PDC sheets should be selected, and the height of the teeth should be high, to improve the efficiency of broken rock.
  • For medium to medium-hard formations with small plasticity, small-diameter PDC sheets should be selected, and the drills with low teeth should be exposed to prevent damage to the broken teeth and affect the use effect.

3. The drilling technical parameters should be reasonably selected based on the structural characteristics of the drill bit and the actual formation and lithology of the well, but the technical parameters recommended by the drill should be strictly operated.

4. The drilling method should be reasonably selected based on the drilling engineering design, and the different well depths, different good types, and different good structures should be treated differently:

  • In the deep stratum constriction, it is recommended that the PDC bit be used with the downhole power drill to exert its technical advantages of high speed;
  • In the construction of a large-scale wellbore in the middle and deep sections, it is recommended to appropriately increase the drilling pressure and reduce the rotating speed.

Drill Bits Parameters:

Name diamond core bit
Type PDC drill bits
Material High Carbon Steel
Use coring/water well
 Size Φ108mm, Φ127mm, Φ146mm, Φ168mm, Φ219mm, Φ273mm

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Characters of PDC Drill Bit:

  1. Reliable quality, long service life, rare abnormal breakage during service life.
  2. Good flushing effect to ensure a high drilling rate.
  3. Strict quality warranty and compensation rules.

Choose Tips:

Please provide the following information for us to choose the suitable drill bit for you:

  1. Provide the size of the drill bits and the styles of the drill tools.
  2. Specify the geological (rock) conditions of the construction site, such as soft rock, medium-hard rock, etc.
  3. Provide the relevant information on the drilling machine(convey pressure) and screw size at the joint to drill tools.

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Tricone Drill Bits for Sale
Tricone Drill Bits for Sale

Tricone Drill Bit for Sale:

The movement of the roller bit at the bottom of the well:

  1. Revolution: The cone rotates with the drill.
  2. Rotation: The tooth rotates counterclockwise around the axis of the cone and rotates.
  3. Sliding: Slip of the toothed teeth relative to the bottom of the well, including radial(axial) and tangential(circumferential) sliding.
  4. Longitudinal vibration: During the rolling process, the cone rotates up and down so that the drill bit reciprocates up and down.

The rock-breaking mechanism of the tritone bit utilizes the combined use of two rock-breaking methods: one is axial impact rock breaking, and the other is rotary scraping shear rock breaking.

Product Parameters:

Model Tricone Bits
IADC CODE 116 126 137 216 226 316 327 336 115 135 215 225 315 335 121 131 346, etc.
417 437 517 527 617 627 737 832 415 435 525 635 416 436 516 535 536, etc.
Size available From 2 7/8″ to 26″, larger sizes can be customized
API Connection 2 3/8 REG; 2 7/8 REG; 3 1/2 REG; 4 1/2 REG; 6 5/8 REG; 7 5/8 REG
Bearing type JM/JMT(metal sealed journal bearing)
RM/RMT(metal sealed roller bearing)
JR/JRT (rubber-sealed journal bearing)
RR/RRT (rubber-sealed roller bearing)
FR(rubber-sealed floating bearing)
Formation Soft, medium soft, hard, medium-hard, very hard formation
Material Alloy steel, Tungsten carbide

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Drill Bit Introduction:

The drill bit is the main component of the drilling equipment, and its main function is to break the rock and form the wellbore. The rotary drill bit is a drill bit commonly used in the petroleum industry. Rotating the drill bit under the action of the machine will produce rotation, which will drive the whole bit to produce centripetal motion, and crack and break the rock through intrusion and grinding to drill down. Effect. The drill bit is one of the main drilling equipment. The specifications and shape of the drill bit should be different according to the working environment and the geographical environment. When conducting oil drilling work, it should be based on specific needs and specific design plans. Scientifically select the drill bit. In the specific drilling work, scientific efficiency and quality of oil drilling, so that oil drilling can better exert its value and make certain contributions to the development of the petroleum industry.

Rock Breaking Effect of Tricone Drill Bit:

  1. Impact and crushing. The impact force generated by the longitudinal vibration and the static pressure(drilling pressure) together cause the teeth to impact and crush the formation, forming a volumetric fracture pit.
  2. Sliding shearing. Radial sliding and tangential sliding of the cone teeth produce shearing effects on the bottom formation and break the interdental rock.
  3. Erosion of jet. The high-speed jet ejected from the nozzle erodes the bottom rock and assists in breaking the rock.

Factors Affecting the Rate of Penetration:

  1. The formation is far away, the formation hardness is high, the heterogeneity is high, and some layers are highly abrasive.
  2. The wellbore is unstable.
  3. The dip angle of the formation is large and the dip angle of the formation is 8 to 55. Up to 85. it is easy to occur naturally in the formation.
  4. The formation pressure system is complex, interlaced from negative pressure to abnormally high pressure, with the diversity of the vertical upper-pressure system and the relative independence of the lateral upper-pressure system.
  5. The large-size wellbore is long.

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