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Mud pump refers to a machine that transports mud or water and other flushing fluid into the borehole during drilling. The mud pump is an important part of drilling equipment and the mud pump for Sale in YG Machinery. In the commonly used positive circulation drilling, it is to send the surface flushing medium-clear water, mud or polymer flushing liquid to the bottom end of the drill bit through a high-pressure hose, a faucet and a drill pipe center hole under a certain pressure to cool the drill bit. The cutting debris is removed and transported to the surface. The commonly used mud pump is a piston-type or a plunger type, and the crankshaft of the pump is driven by the power machine, and the crankshaft passes the crosshead to drive the piston or the plunger to reciprocate in the pump cylinder. Under the alternating action of the suction and discharge valves, the purpose of pumping and circulating the flushing liquid is achieved.

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YG150 Mud Pump
YG150 Mud Pump

YG160 Mud Pump
YG160 Mud Pump

Model YG150 YG160
Output 150L/min 160L/min
Pressure 7Mpa 10Mpa
Power 7.5kw 11kw
Suction Pipe Diameter 51mm 51mm
Drain Pipe Diameter 32mm 32mm
Weight 560kg 480kg
Size 1840*795*995mm 1100*995*950mm
YG250 Mud Pump
YG250 Mud Pump

YG320 Mud Pump
YG320 Mud Pump

Model YG250 YG320
Output 250L/min 320L/min
Pressure 6Mpa 8Mpa
Power 15kw 30kw
Suction Pipe Diameter 76mm 76mm
Drain Pipe Diameter 51mm 51mm
Weight 760kg 1000kg
Size 1725*1240*1130mm 1905*1100*1200mm

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The Use of Mud Pump:

  1. Grouting reinforcement, anchor grouting.
  2. Drain mud, sewage, and water.
  3. The drilling machine delivers cleaning fluid.


  1. The pump is a horizontal three-cylinder reciprocating single-acting piston pump.
  2. The pump can be motor or diesel.
  3. The pump has the characteristics of stable operation, wide flow variation range, high output pressure, and stable performance.
  4. High efficiency and energy saving.
  5. Detachable, easy to repair and relocate.
  6. Uniform flow, low-pressure fluctuations.

Mud Pump Precautions:

Before starting the mud pump, please check if the inlet pipe and outlet pipe are blocked. If the bearing is filled with butter before and after, check if the packing is full. The mud pump should be equipped with a high-pressure clean water pump to transport the clean water than the mud pump pressure to the leak-proof packing to protect the packing. The mud pump should not be closed when the mud pump is working. Otherwise, the sealing part will wear quickly. Whether the gap between the impeller and the guard plate is reasonable has a great influence on the life of the mud pump. If the gap is unreasonable, vibration and noise will occur when the pump is running, and the overcurrent components will be damaged quickly. Therefore, when replacing the impeller, care should be taken to ensure that the clearance meets the requirements of the drawing. The clearance adjustment can be performed by adjusting the screws on the rear bearing body. The allowable suction stroke of the mud pump is measured when the clean water is delivered. The effect of the mud on the suction capacity should be considered when pumping the mud.

Mud Pump
Mud Pump

Mud Pump
Mud Pump for Sale

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Operating Procedures:

  1. Check before starting: The connection parts should be tightened; the direction of the electric rotation should be correct; the clutch is flexible and reliable; the pipeline connection is firm, the seal is reliable, and the bottom valve is flexible and effective.
  2. Before the submerged mud pump is started, the suction pipe, the bottom valve, and the pump body must be filled with water, and the upper end of the pressure gauge buffer is filled with oil.
  3. Rotate by hand to make the piston reciprocate twice. If there is no obstruction and the line insulation is good, it can be started without load. After starting, the load will be gradually increased after the operation is normal.
  4. Pay attention to the sealing of each sealing device during operation and adjust if necessary. Pull rods and auxiliary rods should always be lubricated with oil.
  5. The mud content of the mud should not be tested to more than 10% during operation.
  6. There are several speed mud pumps to make the splash lubrication reliable and should run several speeds in each shift, the time is not less than 30 seconds.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to shift gears during operation. When shifting is required, the pump should be stopped.

Mud Pump Troubleshooting:

  1. Pump vibration:

Reason: The pump shaft is not concentric with the diesel engine (or motor), the impeller is unbalanced, and the bearing is damaged.

Solution: Adjust the concentricity, the impeller for a balanced test, and replace the bearing.

  1. The pump is slow on the water:

Reason: The gap between the front liner and the impeller is large, and the outlet pipe cannot seal the air and is empty.

Solution: Adjust the gap, adjust the water outlet pipe, and install the vacuum pump.

  1. The pump does not absorb water:

Reason: Insufficient water infusion, the air in the pump can not be discharged, gas leakage from the suction pipe, and a large gap between the front liner and the impeller.

Solution: Continue to inject water, check the pipeline for leaks, adjust the gap between the impeller and the front liner.

  1. Water pressure( Low pressure and small flow):

Reason: There is air in the pump, the gap between the impeller and the front lining plate is large, the clutch is not closed tightly, and the impeller or the lining plate is worn.

Solution: Replace the sand field, add afterburner unit, shorten the length of the inlet pipe to reduce cavitation.

  1. Pump wears fast:

Reason: The construction environment (large particles) is poor, the transportation distance is long, and the water inlet pipeline is long.

Solution: Replace the sand field, add afterburner unit, shorten the length of the inlet pipe to reduce cavitation.

  1. Impeller journal wears fast:

Reason: The high-pressure pump has a low lift, the packing is misaligned, and the pump shaft and the back cover are not concentric.

Solution: Replace the high-pressure pump above the head of the mud pump, replace the packing, and adjust the concentricity.

YG150 Mud Pump for Mine
YG150 Mud Pump for Mine

YG250 Mud Pump for Mine
YG250 Mud Pump for Mine

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Mud Pump Maintenance:

The construction department shall have special maintenance personnel responsible for the maintenance and repair of the construction machinery. Regular inspection and maintenance of mud pumps and other machinery and early problems should be solved to avoid downtime. Pay attention to the size of the sediment particles during construction. When the particles are large, always check the vulnerable parts of the mud pump for timely repair or replacement. The vulnerable parts of the mud pump mainly pump casings, bearings, impellers and the like. The use of advanced anti-wear measures to improve the service life of consumable parts can reduce engineering investment and improve production efficiency. At the same time, vulnerable parts should be kept in case of timely replacement.

Mud Pump for Sale in YG Machinery

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