Screw Grouting Pump for Sale in Indonesia

Electric Screw Grouting Pump
Electric Screw Grouting Pump

Screw Grouting Pump for Sale

About two weeks ago, a customer from Indonesia sent us an email saying that he was interested in the screw grouting pump of YG Machinery. Our sales manager Allison quickly returned the email and briefly introduced our products. The customer said that this is the machine he wants, and he determined the model type he wanted. He compared the parameters and met his requirements. The customer was very refreshed and directly hit the full amount. Our machine is ready. When the customer receives the machine, we will follow up in time and wait for the feedback from the customer. If you are interested in our company’s machines, please feel free to contact us. We will definitely reply as soon as possible. I will also put the introduction and parameters of the screw grouting pump below for easy viewing.

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    Technical Parameter of Screw Grout Pump

    Model YG-SW03
    Pressure 2-5Mpa
    Output 3m³/h
    Power 4kw
    Hopper Volume 130L
    Particle Diameter ≤5mm
    Screw Length 400mm
    Size 1850*590*830mm
    Weight 200kg
    Conveying Distance Horizontal Vertical
    Cement 180-200m 70-90m
    Mortar 70-90m 30-50m

    Working Principle of YG Screw Grouting Pump

    The screw pump also knows as the “spiral water pump”, “ Archimedes screw pump”. A pump that spirally increases the water body in the axial direction by the rotation of the spiral blade, and is composed of a shaft, a spiral blade, and an outer casing to pump water. When the pump is titled into the water, the inclination of the water pump’s main shaft is smaller than the inclination angle of the spiral blade, and the lower end of the spiral blade is in contact with water. When the prime mover drives the screw pump shaft to rotate by the shifting device, the water enters the blade and rises along the spiral flow path until it flows out. The utility model has the advantage of simple structure, easy manufacture, large flow, small head loss, and high efficiency, and is convenient for maintenance and maintenance. It is mostly used for irrigation, drainage, and lifting of sewage, sludge, and other occasions.

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