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Screw Grouting Pump
Screw Grouting Pump

Electric Screw Grouting Pump
Electric Screw Grouting Pump

The screw grouting pump is a kind of equipment for conveying mortar. It is widely used in anchor groutings, such as roads, railways, tunnels, urban elevators, subways, hydropower stations, underground caverns, etc., such as anchor grouting, consolidation grouting, and backfill grouting. Pressure grouting works such as dam slope and soil curtain grouting during soft rock reinforcement.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Technical Parameter of Screw Grout Pump:

Model YG-SW03
Pressure 2-5Mpa
Output 3m³/h
Power 4kw
Hopper Volume 130L
Particle Diameter ≤5mm
Screw Length 400mm
Size 1850*590*830mm
Weight 200kg
Conveying Distance Horizontal Vertical
Cement 180-200m 70-90m
Mortar 70-90m 30-50m

The Screw Grouting Pump Features:

  1. Grouting is continuous and stable, with no pulse, adjustable pressure, and stable flow.
  2. Oblique vertical structure, good fluidity, lightweight, wheel design, easy to move.
  3. The pump head adopts a universal joint design and has flexible rotation.
  4. Groutable liquid, with a large range of water-cement ratios, is especially suitable for thick slurry design.
  5. The wheel adopts a single-head or double-head screw. Under the same rod diameter, a double-head screw grouting pump is adopted. The displacement is larger, the pulse is smaller, and the pressure is stable. The operation is stable, and the energy consumption is low.

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Electric Screw Grouting Pump Application
Electric Screw Grouting Pump Application

Electric Screw Grouting Pump Factory
Electric Screw Grouting Pump Factory

Screw Grouting Pump Safety Operation Procedure:

  1. Before pulping and grouting, check the pressure gauges, safety valves, and pipelines of air compressors, grouting tanks, grouting pumps, etc., and confirm that they can work normally.
  2. Before grouting, the gap between the face and the pipe should be sealed, the working pit wall at the top entry port should be reinforced, and the grouting nozzle should be installed.
  3. When working, a special person must be instructed to clearly identify the contact signals and personnel division, and the operators coordinate and cooperate.
  4. During operation, the pressure must be operated and controlled according to the procedures required by the safety technology, and the slurry must be advanced from the working pit to the jacking direction.
  5. Before the maintenance work, it is necessary to stop, relieve the pressure, and cut off the power.
  6. The slurry should be cleaned up in time and transported to the designed place for proper disposal.
  7. For the grouting operation of the tunnel, the nozzle is inserted into the tunnel, and the rubber gasket behind the nozzle must be pressed against the orifice. The rubber hose and the mortar pump must be firmly connected.
  8. When pre-stressed irrigation(pressure) slurry, it should be carried out strictly according to the specified pressure, the slurry pipeline should be unblocked, and the valve joint should be tight and firm.
  9. When grouting, all personnel shall not stand or pass through the front of the tunnel to prevent the cement slurry from injuring people.

Preparation and Inspection Before Pumping:

  1. The pump body should be firmly installed on the foundation and check the fastening of the power end components.
  2. According to the site conditions, shorten the suction pipe length and suction stroke as much as possible, and check whether the feed valve and the discharge valve are good.
  3. Check that the clutch and transmission are working reliably.
  4. Check the clearance between the piston rod bushing, the connecting rod bearing, the crosshead bearing, and the crosshead bushing.
  5. Check the oil level of the lubricating oil in the crankcase, check if there is enough lubricating oil in each nozzle, and whether the lubrication of each part is normal.
  6. Check that the safety valve is reliable, and the pressure gauge is sensitive, and check the accuracy of the pressure gauge as required.
  7. Check the inlet of the slurry, and no debris with a diameter larger than 3mm should enter.
  8. Turn the pulley 5~6 turns by hand to check if the pump is running normally.

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Screw Grouting Pump Manufacturer
Screw Grouting Pump Manufacturer

Electric Screw Grouting Pump for Sale
Electric Screw Grouting Pump for Sale

Screw Grouting Pump Maintenance Procedure:

Daily maintenance:

  1. Observe the swing of the pointer of the pressure gauge at any time to ensure that the pump works at the rated pressure.
  2. Pay attention to the working condition of the packing box at any time. If it is found that the slurry leakage should be tightened or replenished and renewed in time.
  3. The sealing inside the transmission box is good to prevent dust, sand, and other debris from entering.
  4. When abnormal noise occurs in the pump during operation, stop the pump immediately until the fault is eliminated.
  5. When the pressure and displacement are insufficient due to the wear of the plunger, cylinder liner, rubber ball, and tie rod, it should be disassembled and replaced in time.
  6. Regularly adjust the tightness of the V-belt to ensure that the pump is running properly.
  7. The safety valve copper sheet shall not be arbitrarily thickened to ensure working under the rated pressure.

Regular maintenance:

  1. Check the tightness of the piston, connecting rod, crosshead, and other parts once a week.
  2. Check the wear level of the feed valve, the slurry valve, the tie rod, the dust seal ring, and the cylinder liner once a week.
  3. Check the running-in degree of the tie rod, gear, bearing, safety valve, clutch, and tee every two weeks.
  4. Change the lubricant once a quarter.
  5. Disassemble and clean the crankcase gearbox every six months and inspect each component.

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Screw Grouting Pump Inspection Procedure:

The operation test:

  1. Start the motor, open the pump return line, release the brake band, or close the clutch to make the pump run at no load.
  2. Check the operation of the crankcase, gearbox, clutch, and pump body of the pump, whether there are noises and leaks, and the temperature rise of the components.
  3. Check all fasteners on the pump.

In line with the operation test:

  1. Link the working pipeline, adjust and control the backwashing valve, open all the gate valves, make the pump reach the displacement under the rated pressure, and run for 4 hours.
  2. The indication value of the pressure gauge should be accurate.
  3. Check that the clutch and each shifting mechanism are flexible and reliable.
  4. Check if the bearing lubrication is good and if the temperature rise is within the specified range.
  5. Check that the fasteners are tight.

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