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Pile Driver for Sale
Pile Driver for Sale

High Quality Pile Driver
High Quality Pile Driver

The wheeled rotary pile driver rotary drilling rig is a suitable basis for the hole construction project in construction engineering. It is mainly used for soil construction such as sand, clay, and silt. It has been widely used in foundation construction such as cast-in-situ piles, continuous walls, and foundation reinforcement. Pile driver for sale in YG Machinery, welcome you contact us. Of course, as a professional drill/pile machine manufacturer, we have a rotary drilling rig, horizontal drilling machine, tractor-mounted water well drilling rig, trailer water well drilling rig, truck-mounted drilling rig, crawler DTH drilling rig, blast hole drilling machine, portable water well drilling rig, core drill machine, rock drills, etc. Contact us now.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Technical Parameter:

Dimension 8000×2300×3000 mm
wheel-base 2000 mm
pitch of screw 2800 mm
Weight 5~9T
wheel-base 500~1200mm
Engine power 80~120HP
Driving depth 1~15M
Climbing capacity ≤35°
Rotation angle 180


  1. High output torque, fast positioning, piling, and high efficiency.
  2. Adapt to various terrains, adapt to various construction requirements.
  3. This model is easy to maintain parts. The machine has a novel design, mature technology, stable and reliable hydraulic operation, and a low failure rate.
  4. The model has a low center of gravity and stable operation. The hydraulic work has unparalleled safety advantages compared to CFG long spirals and truck pile drivers.

Pile Driver Operating Principle:

  1. The series high-frequency hydraulic vibratory pile driver has two eccentric shafts, which are driven by the hydraulic motor to generate high-speed rotation and vertical excitation force. After dumping the rubber block, it maintains a certain amplitude and can cope with various types of soil and piling requirements.
  2. The exciting force is proportional to the square of the eccentric shaft and the square of the number of vibrations. The eccentric shaft made by YG Machinery has been calculated and tested in detail, which can balance the strong exciting force and material characteristics, not only to meet the work needs but also to ensure mechanical reliability.

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Portable Driver Machine Manufacturer
Portable Driver Machine Manufacturer

Portable Pile Driver for Sale
Portable Pile Driver for Sale

Pile Driver Construction Principle:

The pile body is vibrated at high acceleration, and the vertical vibration generated by the machine is transmitted to the pile body, so that the soil structure around the pile changes due to vibration, and the strength is lowered. The soil around the pile is liquefied to reduce the frictional resistance between the pile side and the soil body, and then the pile is sunk into the soil by the pressure of the excavator, the vibration sinking hammer, and the weight of the pile body. When pulling the pile, in the case of vibration on one side, pull up the pile with the lifting force of the excavator. The exciting force required for the piling machinery should be comprehensively determined according to the soil layer of the site, the soil quality, the water content, and the type and structure of the pile. The vibration method is higher than other methods and is mainly applied to steel sheet piles, steel pipe piles, and slender concrete precast piles within 8m. This pile-sinking method is suitable for operation in the sand, and the effect in clay is poor. It is necessary to use a larger power model.

Pile Driver Operation Requirements:

  1. Safety technical requirements during operation: When piling, it should be “heavy hammer low hit” and “ low lift”, then good results can be obtained. When the pile starts to enter, the pile hammer drop distance is low, generally, 0.5m-0.8m, so that the pile can sink into the water normally. When the pile is inserted into the soil to a certain depth and the pile tip is not easy to be offset, the drop distance can be appropriately increased and gradually increased to a prescribed value, and the hammering is continued.
  2. Safety technical requirements for mechanical operation. All kinds of machinery must comply with the requirements of safety technology operation, be operated by special personnel, and strengthen the mechanical maintenance work to ensure the normal operation of all equipment and components and parts.
  3. Safety technical requirements for electrical equipment. Electrical wiring should be set up overhead. Do not use non-waterproof wires or wires with damaged insulation.
  4. Safety requirements at the construction site. The walking roads of all pile drivers must be level and strict to ensure the safety of mobile installation. When the piles are in place, the lifting should be slow, pull the tail ropes, prevent the pile heads from colliding with the pile frames, strengthen inspection, find problems, and deal with them in time. Construction should be stopped in high winds, heavy fog, or heavy rain.

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Small Pile Driver Machine
Small Pile Driver Machine

Wheeled Pile Driver Manufacturer
Wheeled Pile Driver Manufacturer

Mini Pile Driver for Sale in YG Machinery Safety Procedures:

  1. The operator must be professionally trained to understand the construction, principle, operation, and maintenance methods of the pile driver being operated, and hold the operation permit before the operation.
  2. The power unit, hoist, hydraulic device, electrical device, etc. Configured for the pile driver shall be operated in accordance with its operating procedures.
  3. If it is necessary to stop for a long time, the diesel hammer should be dropped and the pile drivers are in a safe state.
  4. In case of severe weather such as thunder, rain, snow, fog, and wind above level 6, the operation should be stopped. When the wind speed exceeds level 7 or there is a strong typhoon warning, the pile driver should be set up in the wind direction, the diesel hammer should be lowered and the windproof cable should be added. If necessary, the pile frame should be lowered; the pile driver must take lightning protection measures. In the case of lighting, the personnel must be away from the pile driver.
  5. If an abnormality is found in the operation, it should be stopped immediately.
  6. When using the pile driver to lift the pile, the pile should be transported to the specified distance in front of the pile frame according to the instructions in the instruction manual; when the pile is lifted with the double guide column, the guide rod should be rotated and locked before lifting.
  7. The pile position should be corrected in time when the pile is inserted. When the pile is placed in the soil ±3m, it is strictly forbidden to use the pile machine to walk or turn to correct the angle of the pile.
  8. When piling in a soft stratum, the throttle should be closed first. When the penetration is less than 100mm, the throttle is opened and the diesel hammer is started.
  9. When the upper piston jump height reaches the maximum height specified in the manual, the throttle should be reduced to control the stroke.
  10. When the upper piston does not stop jumping, it is strictly forbidden to drop the landing gear and hit the lower block.
  11. Fill the lower cylinder with oil as specified in the instruction manual.
  12. When the diesel hammer appears to be pre-ignited, the hammer should be stopped for cooling.
  13. When the water level in the cylinder water jacket is lower than the cylinder suction and exhaust port, it should be replenished in time, and no water-free operation is strictly prohibited.
  14. When the penetration of ten strokes is less than 20mm, the operation should be stopped.
  15. When the column is tilted back, it is strictly forbidden to raise the diesel hammer; when the pile is inclined, the pile should be hoisted first. Then stand upright. When the crawler three-point pile driver is used to drill the pile, the rear support rod must be used.
  16. When the pile driver hangs the diesel hammer, the diesel hammer should be lowered to the lowermost part. When the crawler’s three-point pile driver is walking, there must be a special person command: the walking on the slope should be above the slope, and the slope should not exceed 5 °.
  17. If the pile driver is rotary, the diesel hammer should be reduced to the lowermost part, and the rotary brake should be slow: the continuous rotation in the same direction should not be more than one week.
  18. Lifting piles, slings, swings, walking, etc. It is strictly forbidden to do more than two actions at the same time.
  19. Lifts are strictly prohibited from overloading.
  20. After the operation, the diesel hammer should be placed on the pile head or the bottom plate; the cylinder head and the inlet and outlet cover should be installed to lock the safety limit device; after winter operation, the cold water should be drained.

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