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Core Drilling Equipment
Core Drilling Equipment

The all-hydraulic water well drilling rig is highly efficient and versatile drilling equipment. It is mainly used for drilling wells, agricultural irrigation wells, ground source heat pump wells, and other wells. It is especially suitable for water intake projects in mountainous and rock formations. The rig can be used for drilling on different formations with a maximum diameter of up to 300mm. In addition to drilling wells, it is also suitable for the geological exploration of railways, water conservancies, bridges, dam foundations, and other buildings, as well as some other projects, such as geological core drilling, small grouting holesblasting holes, etc. In addition, YG also has a small water well-drilling rig, core drill machine, backpack core drill, rock drill machine, truck-mounted drilling rig, anchor drilling rig, DTH drill machine, horizontal direction drilling rigs, rotary drilling rigs, and other drill bits, drill pipes, and accessories. Contact us to know more details now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig
Core Drill Rig in YG
HZ Hydraulic Core Drill Machine
HZ Core Drill Machine
Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig Core Drill Rig in YG HZ Hydraulic Core Drill Machine HZ Core Drill Machine

Technical Parameter of Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig

Technical Parameter Model HZ-130Y/130YY HZ-180Y/180YY HZ-200Y/200YY
Drilling Depth (m) 130 180 200
Open Hole Diameter (mm) 220 220 325
Final Hole Diameter(mm) 75 75 75
Drill Pipe Diameter(mm) 42-60 42-60 42-60
Drill Pipe Inclination (°) 90-75 90-75 90-75
Power (kW) 13.2 13.2 15
Weight (kg) 560 610 1150
Dimensions(mm) 2400*700*1400 2400*600*1400 2700*900*1600
Spindle Speed(r/min) 142/285/570 130/300/480/730/830/1045 64/128/287/557
Stroke(mm) 450 450 450
Winch Max Pull Force(kg) 1600 2000 2400
Pull Speed(m/min) 0.41-1.64 0.35-2.23 0.12-0.95
Rope Diameter(mm) 9.3 9.3 12.5
Roll Capacity(m) 27 35 35
Drill Mast Rated Load(ton) 2 2 5
Height(m) 6 6 6
Mud Pump Displacement(L/min) 95 95 145
Max.pressure(Mpa) 1.2 1.2 2
Times(times/min) 93 93 93
Hose Inlet Hose Diameter(mm) 51 51 51
Outlet Hose Diameter(mm) 32 32 32

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6 Main Features of Portable Hydraulic Drilling Dig:

  1. The rig uses new hydraulic technology, with high torque hydraulic motor rotation and large diameter hydraulic cylinder advancement.
  2. The two-stage air filter and the intake air design of the compressed air extend the service life of the diesel engine. The unique pump set design facilitates maintenance and reduces maintenance costs.
  3. Centralized control of the hydraulic console for easy operation.
  4. This series of rigs can be equipped with tracked chassis and wheeled chassis for off-road performance.
  5. Independent module design, and high cylinder legs allow the rig to be easily mounted on the truck for increased maneuverability.
  6. Two-speed swivel and propulsion speeds are available for different piercing needs in soil and rock formations.

The Harm of Hydraulic System Pollution of Engineering Drilling Rig:

If the hydraulic system of the engineering rig is polluted seriously, the system performance will be significantly reduced and the movement will be out of adjustment. In the various pumps, valves, motors, and other components of the hydraulic system of the engineering rig, there are strict gaps between the relatively moving parts, the matching surface of the precision parts, and there are many damping holes, gaps, control valve ports, etc. If there are more contaminants, these gaps and holes will be blocked, so that the hydraulic components will not work properly. If the contaminant enters the matching gap between the valve body and the cylinder block, it is easy to scratch the mating surface, so the leakage continues to increase, and the dynamic response capability of the machine deteriorates so that the component eventually fails. Contaminants can also stick to the mesh of the oil filter, causing the pump to empty, and creating cavitation and large vibrations in the machine.

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Details of Hydraulic Drilling Rig
Details of Hydraulic Drilling Rig

How to Improve the Production Efficiency of Portable Hydraulic Water Drilling Rigs?

  1. After the drill bit of the hydraulic water well drilling rig is drilled into the structure, the center drilling tool needs to be replaced in time. First, you need to clean the bottom of the hole and then blow off the residue at the bottom of the hole. After the drill bit stops rotating, the drill bit in the hydraulic water well drilling rig is drilled. It is most suitable when the lifting force is slowly increased and the lifting force is just enough to lift the drill bit.
  2. The drilling process summarizes the drill bits of the hydraulic water well rig. It is also necessary to pay close attention to the subsequent working conditions of the casing, to know the specific conditions of the drilling in time, to clean the drilling holes in time, and to drill the drill bit on the water drilling rig. Strong lifting is prohibited during this process.
  3. There will be more residue at the bottom of the hydraulic well rig. The eccentric drill bit will be stuck by the slag and affect its collection and production. At this point, it is necessary to deliver compressed air and clean the holes again. Let the down-the-hole hammer work for a short time, the water well rig model, and then re-do the center drilling lifting work.

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