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Pile Boring Machine
Pile Boring Machine

The pile drilling machine consists of a pile hammer, pile frame, and auxiliary equipment. The pile hammer is attached between two parallel vertical guides ( commonly known as gantry ) at the front of the pile frame and lifted by lifting hooks. The pile frame is a steel structure tower with a winch at the back to lift the pile and pile hammer. In front of the pile frame, there are two guiding rods composed of guide rods to control the piling direction, so that the pile can accurately penetrate the formation according to the design orientation. The basic technical parameters of the hydraulic pile driver are the impact part weight, impact kinetic energy, and impact frequency. The power source of the pile hammer can be divided into drop hammer, steam hammer, diesel hammer, hydraulic hammer, and so on. In addition, YG also has rotary drilling rigs, horizontal drilling rigs, trailer-mounted water well drilling rigs, truck-mounted drilling rigs, crawler DTH drilling rigs, blast hole drilling rigs, anchor drilling rigs, and portable water well drilling rigs, contact us now to know more about details. 【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Classify of Small Pile Drilling Machine:

The pile driving machine is mainly divided into screw pile driver and rotary pile driver, mainly including caterpillar rotary drilling rig, wheel rotary drilling rig, caterpillar pile driver, wheel pile driver, walking pile driver, screw pile driver, solar photovoltaic power station special pile driver, 360-degree rotary pile driver, and other pile machinery.

Features of Pile Drilling Machine

The vehicle can be used for both power generation and external power supply. It is suitable for piling works such as building foundation construction, road foundation reinforcement, railway power facilities, wind power plants, solar photovoltaic power plants, soft soil treatment reinforcement, etc.

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Pile Drilling Machine
Pile Drilling Machine

Screw Pile Driver

The screw pile driver is a kind of pile-driving equipment that drives the drill pipe bit through the powerhead to make holes in the underground drilling machine. The screw pile driver can be divided into two parts: the pile frame and the drilling part.

Working Principle of the Screw Pile Driver:

The pile frame of the screw pile driver machine is mainly composed of the top pulley group, vertical column, diagonal strut, chassis, traveling mechanism, rotary mechanism, hoist mechanism, control room, hydraulic system, and electrical system. The column is folded, adopting a box-shaped structure and flange connection. Round and square slides are provided on both sides of the column as the guide head and anti-twist for the powerhead and the up-and-down movement of the drill pipe. The box-shaped collapsible column equipped with this kind of drilling rig can take off and land by means of a hydraulic cylinder, which is convenient and quick and does not need to be disassembled during transportation. The lower part of the column is hinged with the upper plate, the middle and rear of the column are hinged with the oblique brace, and the top of the column has a block of pulleys, which is used to complete the take-off and landing of the powerhead, the steel cage, and the grouting conduit, etc. The powerhead can slide up and down along the slide and can be removed when carrying.

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Piling Drilling Rig
Piling Drilling Rig

Rotary Pile Driver

The rotary drilling pipe driver with the characteristics of fast hole formation, less pollution, and strong maneuverability is a comprehensive drilling machine, which can use a variety of bottom layers, and has the characteristics of fast hole formation, less pollution, and strong maneuverability. The short auger bit is used for dry excavation work, or the rotary digging bit can also be used for wet excavation in the case of a mud retaining wall. The rotary digging pile driver can perform the digging operation after drilling the hard ground with a hammer. If the head drill is enlarged, the hole can be reamed at the bottom of the hole. The rotary excavation pile driver adopts a multi-layer telescopic drill pipe, which has less drilling assistance time and quick hole formation. It is suitable for various formations. With the features of low labor intensity, no need for mud circulation slag discharge, cost-saving, and less pollution, the machine is especially suitable for the basic construction of urban construction.

The Main Performance Characteristics of Rotary Pile Driver:

  1. High mobility and quick transfer.
  2. The drilling tools are varied in variety and light, which can be quickly loaded and unloaded.
  3. Adapt to a variety of formations and the speed is fast, about 80% faster than the impact drill.
  4. It is less polluting to the environment and does not require recycling.
  5. Multiple types of piles can be corresponding.

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Environmental Benefits

Compared with the rotary drilling rig, the rotary drilling rig has less mud and less pollution to the environment. At the same time, it can reduce the transportation cost of mud and has good economic and environmental benefits. In the construction of a rotary drilling rig, there are a few quality problems, such as reaming, shrinkage, collapse, and so on, which have good social benefits. Compared with the percussion drilling rig, the rotary drilling rig saves a lot of time and does not produce a lot of noise, so it has good social and economic benefits.

Guardrail Pile Driver

The guardrail pile driving machine is a kind of highway guardrail steel pipe pressing equipment, which adopts diesel power, and full hydraulic mechanical transmission. It has the characteristics of light driving, high piling precision, durability, energy-saving, and environmental protection. It is especially suitable for highway guardrail installation, maintenance, and field repair construction for repairs.

Characteristics of Guardrail Pile Driver

The highway guardrail full hydraulic pile driver is developed by our technical research and development engineers and field service technicians according to the actual situation in various working conditions. After continuous research and development and updating, the company develops and produces a new type of full hydraulics that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The piling equipment fully demonstrates its high quality, high efficiency, high energy saving, and long life in the installation of highway guardrails of various complex formations. Our quality inspection department has a strict set of testing procedures and testing requirements, providing first-class quality assurance barriers for products. The guardrail pile driver has become an indispensable main model in highway guardrail installation engineering.

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