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YG-20B、30B Backpack Drill for Sale

YG20/30B backpack drill for sale series geological survey drilling rig and mountain core drilling rig, also known as drill backpack rig, is a small sampling drilling equipment widely used in plain, mountainous areas, and energy inconvenient areas. It has a compact structure, small footprint, lightweight and convenient movement, etc. Suitable for the railway, water conservancy, and other construction projects and geological sampling and exploration of outdoor mountain areas, geological core drilling, small grouting holes, blasting holes, etc. Diamonds, composite sheets, and alloy drills can be used depending on the formation. In addition, if you need other types of water well drilling rigs, we also have small water well drilling rigs, hydraulic core drills, rock drills, crawler water well drilling rigs, truck-mounted water well drilling rigs, DTH drilling machines, and other accessories, drill bits, drill pipes, mud pumps, concrete pumps, portable air compressors in YG Machinery. Contact us to know more details.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

YG-20B Backpack Drill Machine
YG-20B Backpack Drill Machine

YG-30B Backpack Drill for Sale
YG-30B Backpack Drill for Sale

Model YG-20B YG-30B
Drilling diameter Φ46 -Φ75 Φ46 -Φ108
Drilling depth Within 20 meters of soil

Within 10 meters of rock

Within 30 meters of soil

Within 20 meters of rock

Application Soil layer and various rock layers
Water consumption/Oil consumption 10L/H (Water)

0.4-0.5L/H (Oil)

15L/H (Water)

0.4-0.5L/H (Oil)

Drilling rod diameter/length Φ32mm/750mm
Core barrel 750mm(including the connector)
Drilling rod material/Weight 40r/1.5kg
Dimension 700*600*800mm 700*700*1500mm

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Feature of YG-20B、30B Backpack Core Drill Machine:

With its portable and efficient performance, the backpack rig has been defined as an indispensable shallow sampling tool by users in the industry for many years of practice. The backpack series rigs mainly include multi-powered drilling rigs such as the Sauer generation /Sauer || and the Canadian mini. Different power configurations are better suited for shallow exploration sampling of different formations and geological conditions. This series of drilling rigs is mainly used in areas with high mountains, inconvenient transportation, and a lack of water resources. They are light in operation and can replace traditional trenching, well exploration, and physical and chemical anomaly verification; and can greatly reduce vegetation damage and protect the ecological environment; Indispensable technical means in shallow geological exploration such as maps, geophysical and geochemical sampling, paleomagnetic sampling, and geological disaster prevention.

Performance Characteristics:

  1. Easy to carry. The whole set of standard configurations is light and easy to carry.
  2. Complete accessories. Design science, orderly components.
  3. Flexible operation. Easy to disassemble and easy to install.
  4. Drilling fast. Saving time and effort, quick core.
  5. Wide range of applications. Suitable for coring work in a variety of complex terrain.
  6. Efficient and durable. Special diamond drill bit for fast drilling and long service life.

Application Field:

  1. Geophysical and geochemical sampling.
  2. Regional geological mapping.
  3. Mine vein exploration.
  4. Mine collection evaluation.
  5. Geotechnical engineering inspection.
  6. Various blasting holes.

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YG-50B Backpack Drill for Sale

YG-50B Backpack Core Drill
YG-50B Backpack Core Drill

Machine Parameters

Maximum Drilling Depth 50m
Maximum Opening Diameter φ75-φ108mm
Final Hole Diameter 56-75mm
Active Drill Pipe 50/1000mm
Drill Pipe Diameter Φ42mm
Drilling Angle 90°
Supporting Power(Diesel Engine) 5.8kw(8p)/2200r/min
Weight/Size 240kg/1400*600*1600mm

Vertical Axis

Vertical Shaft Speed 285-570r/min
Vertical Shaft Stroke/Torque 1000mm/600N*M
Lifting 300kg
Adding Pressure 200kg

Drilling Tower

Rated Load 1T
Effective Height 4m
Tower Leg Size 60mm
Model BW-50
Flow Rate 50L/min
Maximum Pressure 1.2Mpa
Number of Reciprocations 63 Times/min
Suction Pipe Diameter φ55mm*2.5m
Outlet High-pressure Pipe Diameter Φ20mm*10m

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YG-50B Scope of Application:

  1. This drilling rig is suitable for water well drilling, census exploration, geophysical exploration, road and building exploration, and blasting holes.
  2. Drills such as alloys, diamonds, and composite sheets can be selected according to the different layers of the bottom layer.
  3. Can drill 2-9 grade sandy clay and rock formations.

Drill Rig 6 Main Features:

  1. Geological surveys work with small size and lightness, which is convenient for difficult areas with high altitudes and difficult to travel.
  2. The hydraulic automatic feeding mechanism is adopted to improve the drilling efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of workers.
  3. The use of 8-horsepower high-efficiency diesel engines as a power for your continuous output of strong power.
  4. Apply positive and negative four-speed operations to facilitate various terrain exploration drilling work.
  5. Four sets of bearing positioning of the vertical axle box ensure that the gyrator has sufficient rigidity to deal with complicated geological conditions such as the gravel layer and pebble layer.
  6. This machine adopts the nationally patented taper clutch, which has the characteristics of large transmission torque, convenient operation, and maintenance-free.

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Backpack Core Drill Application
Backpack Core Drill Application

Backpack Drill Manufacturer
Backpack Drill Manufacturer

Backpack Drilling Rig Operation Method:

  1. Drilling preparation. Select the topography of the work, clear the division of work between the main and auxiliary operators, and put the equipment in order (preferably prepare a piece of 1 square meter of plastic cloth for bedding). Gasoline and oil are safely placed away from flammable materials. Fill the water of the pressure bottle or sprayer, select the appropriate drill bit or flushing fluid according to the stratum structure, and finally tighten the drill bit to the positive drilling tool, and then use the adapter to connect the drill bit with the drill bit firmly to the machine head.
  2. Filling the fuel. Before starting the engine, you must add enough oil to avoid damage to the engine. The gasoline needs to use clean, fresh, unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of not less than 85. Pour the oil into the tank. At the same time, check whether the oil circuit connection between the carburetor and the fuel tank is normal, and then press the pump oil cap a few times to let the fuel enter the cylinder block. Note: Check the oil level before each use, the first time you should work to change the oil for about 20 hours, the oil needs to be filled with oil, and change the oil every 50 hours afterward.
  3. Start the rig. Turn the switch on and start the rig (pump oil→push the circuit switch(red button)→adjust the damper→pull the hand rope to start the machine→immediately open the damper after the main engine starts to→adjust the water volume→drill in the correct posture.
  4. Correct opening. Select the opening surface, the water valve is connected to the bucket to pressurize and pass the water, adjust the water volume to the appropriate flow rate, point to the fire, and the drilling machine tilts the bottom of the drill pipe with the bow surface of the foot. Buckle to prevent slippage during the opening process. Do not open the drilling speed of the opening too fast, first open a crescent moon, and gradually fasten the drill pipe. Drill vertically down. Do not support the rig at once to avoid smashing the drill bit.
  5. Bevel operation. The method of tilting the hole is similar to the first two. It is only necessary to drill the drill pipe according to the tilt angle. It is necessary to operate the drill by one person. The drill pipe should be supported by one person. The drilling speed should be medium and low speed. The rig rock is drilling at full speed.
  6. Deep hole operation. 1) Basic rock more than 3 meters of practice. Essentials: According to the principle of one stable, two listening, and three static, keep the hole and concentricity consistent, turn the drill pipe and drill tool forward, and select different drill bits in different layers. And drilling methods. Requirements: timely judge the situation in the well and timely deal with the situation of block drill, stuck drill, lost drill, buried drill, burn drill, and drill bit damage. 2) Cover hole deep hole practice. Essentials: consistent with the deep hole of the bedrock, but always pay attention to the rotation of the casing to prevent the collapse, the block, and the casing from falling off. Requirements: Take the pipe to the core.
  7. Overlay operation.1) Overlay practice, including 26PDC drilling, and 36PDC drilling. Essentials: light pressure at medium speed, lifting up and down, a large amount of water. The hole is close to the outer diameter of the drill pipe(the smaller the disturbance, the better).2) Covering the core to practice the soil sample practice essentials: turn off the water valve, gently press the slow drill; take the core practice essentials: first down the casing to the bedrock, fix the casing, and the next 26 drills with the pipe drill into, the core is full or the core breaks in time.
  8. Drilling and extracting cores. Do not drill back, do not suddenly stop the drill immediately, and start the drill at a slow speed. Because our rig is 1920 drills per minute, such a high-speed drilling speed suddenly stops drilling, and it will be stuck and drilled( the drilling is usually between 800-2000rpm). Gradually get out of the bottom of the hole and safety drill. If the core is in the drill, remove the adapter and remove the core. If the core does not break the core remover, cut the core with a hard protruding part, and then grab it with a T-wrench.
  9. Finishing work. 1) Separate the drill ( or drill pipe) from the main unit separately. The main unit should be put on hold for a while, and then cleaned after cooling the body. 2) Remove the drill bit from the drill. When unloading the drill bit, use special pliers to tightly clamp the bit steel bossy. The carcass body is forbidden, and the bit body is brittle and fragile. 3) Collect drilling data and make drilling records. Observe the drill bit, drill tool, drill pipe, and machine usage, and record. 4) Wipe the machine, drill pipe, drill, etc. Put the core well and put it well.

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