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The XYC series truck-mounted drill rig is portable and easy to move, which is designed to drill water cheaply, easily, and highly efficient. The truck-mounted drill rig built inside the factory of YG is driven by a hydraulic system, featuring high efficiency and multi-functions. Whether you need well drilling, borehole drilling, or exploration borehole drilling, they are the right items for your applications. In YG Machinery, this type of drilling equipment can be used for water drilling, geological investigation drilling, soil sampling, mining, foundation drilling, etc. Furthermore, we also have small water well drilling rigs, hydraulic core drilling rigs, trailer-mounted water well drilling rigs, tractor drilling rigs, crawler water well drilling machines, anchor drilling rigs, backpack core drills, rock drill machines ( gasoline rock drill, hydraulic rock drill, pneumatic rock drill, electric rock drill), DTH drill machine, horizontal drilling machine, rotary drilling rig, hydraulic pile drivers, Contact us now to know more YG water well drilling rigs. 【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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XYC-200GT Truck Mounted Well Drilling Machine
XYC-200GT Truck Mounted Well Drilling Machine

XYC-3 Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rigs
XYC-3 Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rigs

XYC-200GT/XYC-3 Truck Mounted Drill Rig for Sale:

Technical Parameters of XYC-200GT/XYC-3 Truck Mounted Drill Rig:
















Model XYC-3 XYC-200GT
Drilling Depth(m) 30-600 30-200
Hole Diameter(mm) 300-75 300-75
Hole Angle 90-75 90-75
Speed(r/min) 30-1050 64-557
Stroke(mm) 600 450

Diesel Engine

Model: cloud powerYN27 ZS1115
39kw 14.7kw
Mud Pump BW-250 BW-160

Vehicle Classic


Model New Dragon in the Card(CA1167PK2L2E4A80) Double Row Light Truck
Drive Type 4*2 4*2



Diesel Engine



Model BF4M2012-16E4 4B2-95c40
Emission Standard GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005

Country IV

Rated Power(kW) 121 70

Scope of Application:

Geological survey exploration, road, and high-rise building foundation exploration, as well as various concrete structure inspection holes, river dykes, roadbed grouting hole drilling and direct grouting, civil water wells, and ground temperature central air conditioning.

Main Characteristics of Truck Mounted Drill Rig for Sale in YG Machinery:

  1. The vehicle drilling rig is a hydraulic vertical shaft rotary drilling rig.
  2. High-quality automotive chassis, rig drive system and hoisting, mud pump, and other important accessories are installed on this chassis, the layout is reasonable compact, and easy to operate.
  3. Configure BW-160 or BW-250 mud pump with high pressure and large flow to ensure drilling depth and drilling diameter.
  4. The big is equipped with a mobile device, which can realize the movement of the rig itself before and after, which is convenient for wellhead operation.
  5. The rig tower hydraulic landing automatic telescopic rig is a safe, and convenient operation.

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XYD Crawler Drilling Rig for Sale
XYD Crawler Drilling Rig for Sale

XYD-130/180/200 Crawler Drill Machine for Sale:

Model XYD-130 XYD-180 XYD-200
Drilling Depth 130m 180m 200m
Opening Hole Diameter 220mm 220mm 325mm
End Hole Diameter 75 75 75
Drill Rod Diameter 42-60 42-60 42-60
Drill Angle 90-75º 90-75º 90-75º
Power 13.2kw 13.2kw 13.2kw
Weight 3350kg 3400kg 3600kg
Dimension 3.8*1.95*2.7m 3.8*1.95*2.7m 3.8*1.95*2.7m
Spindle Speed 142/285/570r/min 130/300/480/730/830/1045r/min 64/128/287/557r/min
Spindle Stroke 450mm 450mm 450mm
Tractor Model 7YP-1475DI 7YP-1475DI 7YP-1475DI
Drill Mast Height 6.5m 6.5m 6.5m
Mud Pump Displacement 160L/min 160L/min 160L/min
Mud Pump Max. Pressure 1.3Mpa 1.3Mpa 1.3Mpa
Mud Pump Reciprocating 165times/min 165times/min 165times/min
Inlet Hose Dia. 51mm 51mm 51mm
Outlet Hose Dia. 32mm 32mm 32mm

Main Feature of Crawler Drill for Sale:

  1. The drilling machine adopts an automatic telescopic drill tower, which is supported by two high-strength oil cylinders. A group of hydraulic valves controls the rig’s pitching, saving time and effort, safe and reliable, and maximizing the benefits for users.
  2. The chassis adopts a rubber track, which is light in weight, can reduce the noise of the vehicle running mechanism, reduce the vibration of the vehicle body, and can greatly reduce fuel consumption. It can walk on urban roads without hurting the road surface.
  3. The chassis comes with hydraulic high-legs, which can be used for drilling machine leveling, loading, and unloading trucks that can be used as auxiliary support during work.
  4. Using a 24V electric start diesel engine, reduces the labor intensity of the operator, especially in the cold season when the diesel is difficult to start, and it shows great superiority.
  5. The machine is equipped with a BW-160 mud pump, the pump flow, the pressure are large, and maintenance is convenient.
  6. An optional hydraulic pipe twisting machine (75-168mm) can be added to improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs.

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XYD-3 Crawler Drilling Rig
XYD-3 Crawler Drilling Rig

XYD-3 Crawler Drill Machine for Sale:

Model XYD-3
Drilling Depth 530m
Drilling Diameter 75-300mm
Opening Hole Diameter 300mm
Opening Hole Diameter 75mm
Drill Pipe Φ60
Drilling Angel 90°–65°

Main Feature:

  1. The drilling machine adopts an MW525 type automobile gearbox assembly, with a 10-speed series and reasonable speed regulation range, large torque, and strong bearing capacity, which can realize control shifting and convenient operation.
  2. With the use of the crawler chassis, the leg cylinder stroke 1.5m can be automatically loaded, easy to move, and transport.
  3. It has a hydraulic pressure feeding mechanism to improve drilling efficiency.
  4. Equipped with a pressure gauge at the bottom of the hole to indicate the pressure, easy to grasp the situation inside the hole.
  5. With a normally closed hydraulic chuck, easy to operate and flexible.
  6. Independent operation of vertical shaft and winch can be realized.
  7. The diameter of the vertical shaft through-hole is large, and it can be replaced with a large hexagonal active drill pipe.

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XYX-3 Core Drilling Rig for Sale
XYX-3 Core Drilling Rig for Sale

XYX-3 Trailer Mounted Drill Machine for Sale:

Model XYX-3
Drilling Depth (m) 600
Open Drilling Diameter (mm) 325
Final Hole Diameter(mm) 75
Drill Pipe Diameter(mm) 42-60
Drill Pipe Inclination (°) 90-75
Power (kW) YN27/39
Weight (kg) 3600
Dimensions(mm) 2900*2560*3300

Main Feature:

  1. The drilling machine is equipped with a wheeled traveling mechanism and hydraulic cylinder support. The whole machine is easy to relocate and easy to adjust the level of the drilling machine. The lifting and lowering towers are hydraulically operated, which is convenient and reliable.
  2. Large installed power, with 2-speed reverse speed, easy to handle accidents.
  3. The control handle is concentrated, the layout is reasonable and compact, and the operation is simple, flexible, and reliable.
  4. With a normally closed hydraulic chuck, the operation is convenient and flexible.
  5. Independent operation of vertical shaft and winch can be realized.
  6. The vertical shaft through-hole has a large diameter and can be replaced with a large hexagonal active drill pipe.

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In YG Machinery, you are definitely to find the right machine and equipment for you. The quality and price of our products will be the best. Please rest assured. Other types of well drilling rigs, rock drills, crawler drill machines, horizontal drilling rigs, rotary drilling rigs, crawler DTH drilling rigs, trailer-mounted water well-drilling rigs, tractor water well drilling rigs, and accessories, such as drill bits, drill pipes, air compressors, small concrete pumps, etc. can be found on the website. Feel free to contact us for more details, and you will be warmly welcome to visit us.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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