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Hydraulic Rock Drill
Hydraulic Rock Drill

High Quality Rock Drill
High Quality Rock Drill

The hydraulic rock drill is a rock drilling machine that uses high-pressure oil as a power to push the piston to impact the drill and attaches an independent rotary mechanism. The piston is controlled by the valve (and also has no valve) to reciprocate. Since the oil pressure is much higher than the gas pressure, it is more than 10MPa. Although similar to the pneumatic rock drill, its piston diameter is smaller, the length is larger, and the waveform is better. The accumulator is mounted on the machine when the piston moves in a direction that produces a peak pressure. Its advantages: fast drilling speed(more than twice higher than a pneumatic rock drill), high impact power, high torque, high frequency; adjustable, low energy consumption (about 1/3 of aerodynamic rock drill); high efficiency; easy to automate, and computer control, less stuck drills, long tool life, and greatly improved working environment. In addition, we also have gasoline rock drill rigs, pneumatic rock drill rigs, and DTH drilling rigs. Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Hydraulic Rock Drill Introduction

The hydraulic rock drill is a new type of rock drill recently. It can be divided into two types: one is a small hand-held type, and its impact energy is small, mainly used to replace the traditional wind, most small excavation-loading Machines, hydraulic engineering vehicles, etc.; the other is a large-scale airborne type. These hydraulic rock drills are mostly based on the backhoe operation of hydraulic excavators, and the backhoes are replaced by rock drills. The driver operates in the cab. The energy of such rock drills is relatively large, generally in the range of 1~6kN·m.

YYT28 hydraulic rock drill is a full-leg hydraulic rock drill. It can be used with various hydraulic stations. It has high drilling speed, low power consumption, light noise, and fewer faults. It is safe and reliable, simple in configuration, and convenient to move. It is praised by users as “ The ideal matching equipment for drilling and blasting construction”, and the “best substitute for traditional wind turbines”, its performance is far superior to that of pneumatic rock drills, reaching the international advanced level.

YYT-28 Hydraulic Rock Drilling Machine
YYT-28 Hydraulic Rock Drilling Machine
Model YYT28
Motivation Hydraulic
Oil Pressure 17Mpa
Impact Frequency 60Hz
Stamping Energy 65J
Torque 55m/N
Rotating Speed 270r/min

YYT28 Rock Drill Rig Features:

YYT28 hydraulic rock drill is widely used in excavation engineering because of its powerful impact rotation, low power consumption, and low noise. It has the following unique advantages:

  • Automatic control (patent) has three main functions: trapping, rotating, and promoting synchronization. Increase speed and reduce energy consumption.
  • Through-hole oil motor(patent): no mechanical transmission, small size, long life, and large torque.
  • Cooling water system(patent): Omni-directional cooling machine to clean the slag.
  • Flexible hydraulic legs(patent): single leg energy; reduce the probability of sticking, so that the operation goes smoothly.
  • Brake chuck(patent): to ensure the safety of the drill pipe, when the tail is broken, the structure is light and flexible.
  • Pressurized grease casing(patent): the chuck casing and casing are directly lubricated, which is reliable and convenient.
  • Complete specifications: power stations with multiple rigs are flexible in combination.

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YYT28-1 Rock Drill Machine for Sale
YYT28-1 Rock Drill Machine for Sale
Model YYT28-1
Motivation Electric
Motor 380V, 50Hz, 3Ph
Power 15kw
Hydraulic Oil 68#
Size 1.1×0.6×0.8m
Weight 300kg

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Package of Hydraulic Rock Drill
Package of Hydraulic Rock Drill

Rock Drill Machine Manufacturer
Rock Drill Machine Manufacturer

The Hydraulic Rock Drilling Machine Use of the Technical

  1. Check whether the accumulator’s inflation is normal before starting; check whether the flushing water pressure and lubrication air pressure are correct; check if there is enough lubricating oil in the lubricator and whether the oil supply is suitable; check the oil pump motor’s rotation direction.
  2. When drilling rock, the propeller should be placed in the rock drilling position, so that the front end is placed on the rock. Carefully manipulate the rock drill to move forward to make the drill bit touch the rock; when opening the hole, first gently push the rock drill to advance, when the drill rod is in place in the rock, control it to the fully open position.
  3. If the rock drill cannot open the hole smoothly, the rock drill should be operated first to retreat, and then the rock drill should be moved forward to re-open the hole.
  4. When replacing the bit, the bit should be lightly pressed against the rock to reverse the motor of the hydraulic rock drill to realize the motorized unloading head.
  5. The maintenance of hydraulic components can only be carried out under extremely clean conditions. After the connection mechanism is removed, it must be immediately plugged with a clean and tight plug. Before the hydraulic drill is repaired, the hydraulic oil must be pumped into the oil circuit to clean the components of the hydraulic system.
  6. The oil level and oil supply of the lubricator should be checked regularly; the gears of the slewing mechanism should be regularly filled with high-temperature grease; the oil level in the oil tank should be checked regularly to remove dirt and impurities from the tank.
  7. For long-term storage, apply a tight protective plug to plug all the ports, thoroughly clean the machine, and drain the gas from the accumulator. The rock drill should be stored in a dry and clean place.
  8. Most hydraulic rock drills are equipped with cushioning devices, and some heavy-duty hydraulic rock drills also have a recoil device. The function of the buffer device is mainly used to absorb the energy when the drill pipe rebounds and prevent the drill pipe from rebounding to drive the relevant components to form a rigid impact with the body, so as to improve the life of the drill pipe and the body. The recoil device is used to push the drill pipe back from the blast hole in the event of a stuck drill with a reverse impact force on the drill pipe.

Hydraulic Rock Drill Manufacturer – YG Machinery

In YG Machinery, we also sell rock drills, water well drills, pile drivers, core drilling rigs, down-the-hole drilling rigs, small water well drilling rigs, rotary drilling rigs, horizontal drilling rigs, crawler water well drilling rigs, crawler DTH drilling rigs, trailer water well drilling rigs, truck-mounted water well drilling rigs, anchor drilling rigs, etc. Feel free to contact us if you need it. We will also get back to you as soon as possible.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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