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Small Portable Pile Driver
Small Portable Pile Driver

A portable pile driver is generally used in mountainous, hilly, and gully areas with complex topography, and land preparation or digging before afforestation in barren hills, secondary forest land, cutting sites, and gully slopes on the Loess Plateau with slopes below 35 degrees. A portable pile driver is also called a handheld pile driver, hole-digging machine, or portable digging machine.  At the same time, it can be used for orchards, mulberry gardens, tea gardens, nurseries, and towns for small tree transplanting, four sides of greening, and pit mining. It can be used to lay piles and so on at construction sites and pastures. Usually used to hit the soil. Additionally, we have a rotary drilling rig, hydraulic pile driver, horizontal drilling rig, trailer-mounted water well drilling rig, trucked drilling rig, and crawler drill machine, which can be suitable for more projects. Contact us now.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Parameter of Small Pile Driver:

Model YG-30
Diameter 30
Depth 50
Drill bit 10/20/30/40/50 (value can be customized)
Engine Four-screw 196 gasoline engine
Blade Double leaf blade
Efficiency a pit in 2 minutes
Size 80 * 90 * 130cm

Portable Digging Machine Advantages:

  1. The portable pile driver consists of a small general-purpose gasoline engine, an overrunning clutch, a high reduction ratio transmission box, and a specially designed drilling tool. It is suitable for punching holes inland, frozen soil, and ice. It is widely used in gardening, planting, and planting trees. Geophysical exploration, road construction, and other fields.
  2. The transmission gear is made of pure copper, which greatly improves the torque and enhances the wear resistance.
  3. The drill pipe uses double-blade welding to enhance the digging effect, and the unearthing rate reaches 90%. equipped with a centering drill.
  4. The drill bit is made of manganese steel and is more rigid. Hard soil, super-hard soil, clay, frozen soil, etc. Can be very effective in its implementation and can achieve the best working requirements.
  5. The digging machine can be equipped with a variety of drill bits according to the tree species to meet the needs of users.
  6. It has the characteristics of small size lightweight, convenient operation, simple maintenance, low fuel consumption, low noise, easy start, high hole-forming efficiency, low operating cost, and low price. The design of the drill is novel, flexible, and reasonable. Stable and reliable, with good working effect and high efficiency, it is well received by users.

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Small Pile Driver Manufacturer
Small Pile Driver Manufacturer

General Safety Measures of Hand-Held Pile Driver:

  1. It is forbidden to use indoors.
  2. Keep the safety distance from flammable materials not less than 1m.
  3. When refueling, no smoking, stop engine operation, and prohibit gasoline spillage.
  4. Wear a protective mirror and protective equipment when working. Do not use without a protective cover.
  5. Keep your hands and feet away from the machine before turning and stopping.

Pre-operation Check:

  1. Check the fuel surface from the outside of the fuel tank. If the fuel level is low, add fuel to the upper limit. The fuel is prepared using a mixture ratio of unleaded gasoline and two-stroke engine oil of 25-30:1. Never use pure gasoline or gasoline containing impurities.
  2. The sir filter checks the dirt of the air filter element and finds that the dirt should be cleaned.
  3. The throttle cable checks the free clearance of the throttle cable at the end and checks that the throttle handle is operated smoothly.
  4. Check whether the blade mounting nut is loose. If necessary, tighten the nut; check the blade for cracks, notches bend and wear, and replace it if necessary.
  5. Check the shield of the cutter headcover. If necessary, tighten the safety bolts of the shield; check if the shield is damaged and replace it if necessary.

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Hole Digging Machine
Hole Digging Machine

Fast Digging Hole Machine
Fast Digging Hole Machine

Hole Digging Machine

The hole-digging machine is widely used in sloping land, sandy land, hard land, mountainous areas, plains, afforestation, digging pits for the greening of urban roads, digging holes for deep application of bottoms, digging for buried piles, and excavation for other purposes. Pit work, the application is very extensive. Generally used to bury piles, plant trees, and bury poles. And other pit requirements. ( The soil can be used without large stone blocks).

Working Principle:

Power and power output: Firstly, the centrifugal automatic clutch is connected by the engine(300 rpm or higher), and the output shaft of the reducer is connected with the auger to make the auger rotate clockwise so that the two pieces fixed on the auger bit the blade achieves the purpose of cutting and spiraling out pits.

Product Structure Characteristics:

  1. Upright frame: Support the machine to protect the operator.
  2. The base is connected to the engine and the down part.
  3. Engine: Power input section.
  4. Reducer: Increase torque, and power output part ( this machine adopts arc tooth maintenance-free reducer).
  5. Control device: Hand operation and foot operation mechanical part.
  6. Casters: Use thick tires to move the parts easily.
  7. Positioning cone: Eliminate the torque generated when the drill is working.
  8. Working drill: the part of the spiral working bit.

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Operation Method:

  1. Start the engine, hold the operating lever, increase the throttle, increase the engine speed, and press the operating lever. At the same time, you can use the foot pedal to press down to the lowest point, then release the foot and lift the operating lever on the slider. When the two pressure springs work together, the base is raised back to the initial position, and the throttle is pushed back to the idle position to end the work.
    Note: The use of inferior gasoline and oil can damage cylinders, pistons, piston rings, crankshaft connecting rods, bearings, oil seals, carburetors, etc. Freshly mixed fuel must be used. The fuel that has been stored for more than 30 days will cause the carburetor to become clogged and the machine will not function properly.
  2. The new gasoline engine must be ground for 1-2 hours at low speed or idle speed before use.
  3. For safety and fire prevention, the gasoline engine must be shut down when refueling, keep away from fire sources, and prohibit fireworks.

Portable Pile Driver Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer

As a reliable machinery manufacturer with more than 20 years of production experience, Henan YG Machinery Co., Ltd can guarantee high quality and reasonable prices for every customer. Select the machine you want to buy and feel free to contact us for more details. Our professional sales managers will do their best to help you choose the most cost-effective machine. In addition to the portable pile drivers sold by our company, you can also find other drilling rigs, such as small water well drilling digs, rock drills, core drilling rigs, crawler drills, DTH drills, rotary drilling rigs, horizontal drilling machines, trailed mounted water well drilling rigs, truck drilling rigs, anchor drilling rigs, etc.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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