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Gasoline Rock Drill

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Gasoline Rock Drill Machine Hot Sale
Gasoline Rock Drill Machine

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The gasoline rock drill does not need to change the internal parts of  the machine head, just move the handle as required to operate. It has the advantages of convenient operation, more vertical downward, horizontal upwards less than 45°and vertical downward to the deepest hole up to six meters in YG machinery. Whether it is in high mountains or flats, whether it is working in hot area of 40°or in cold area of 40°. The gasoline rock drill machine has a wide range of adaptability.
The gasoline rock drill has the functions of mining, drilling, building construction, cement pavement, asphalt pavement and other cracking, crushing, tamping, shovel and other functions. It is widely used in mining construction, fire fighting, geological exploration, road construction, quarrying, defense engineering and so on.

Gasoline Rock Drill Machine for Sale
Gasoline Rock Drill Machine

Gasoline Rock Drill Equipment for Sale
Gasoline Rock Drill Machine for Sale

Technical Parameter

Technical specifications
Weight of main machine 27kg
Overall dimensions(L*W*H) 746*315*229mm
Type of engine Single cylinder, air cooled two strokes
Cylinder diameter*stroke of piston Φ58*70mm
Rotation speed of engine ≥2450rpm
Displacement of engine piston 185cm³
Type of carburetor hand needle valve, floatless type
Ignition system controllable silicon, contactless system
Drilling speed (mean value of five holes) ≥250mm/min
Drilling hole diameter Φ28-42mm
Max drilling depth 6m
Fuel consumption ≤0.12L/m
Tank capacity ≥1.5liter
Mixture ratio of gasoline and lubrication oil (in volumes) 12:01
Drill rod and breaker shank Hex22*108mm
Rotating speed of drill rod ≥200rounds/min
Clearance of spark plug 0.5-0.7mm

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Characteristics of Gasoline Rock Drilling Machine

The gasoline rock drilling machine is a portable rock drilling tool consisting of a small petrol engine, an air compressor and a rock drill. During operation, rock powder is blown away by the compressed air produced by the machine itself. It can be used with a support frame. This gasoline rock drill is portable, can be carried and work anywhere, even in the place without any power supply.

Gasoline Rock Drilling Machine Use Skills

1.When the engine is started, pull the starting rope after the ratchet mechanism is engaged. Pull the starting rope in the right direction and do not push too hard to prevent the starting rope from pulling out.
2.When the rock drill is started with a drill pipe installed, the handle clutch is not allowed to turn the rotary position.
3.Always pay attention to whether the central hole of the fiber rod is blocked or not and prevent the machine from stalling.
4.In order to protect the slewing mechanism, the machine cannot be overloading.
5.The gasoline rock drills use gasoline as fuel, exhaust will pollute the air. Therefore, in general, it is only allowed to work in the open air.

Gasoline Rock Drill Equipment for Sale
Gasoline Rock Drill Equipment

Gasoline Rock Drill for Sale
Gasoline Rock Drill

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Troubleshooting of Gasoline Rock Drilling Machine

About Oil Circuit Failure
The fuel used in the gasoline rock drill machine is the No.70 and the No.15 gasoline engine lubricating oil, which should be matched strictly according to the ratio of the volume to 12:1. the fuel and fuel tanks should be kept clean. When the machine breaks down, check the oil circuit first.
There are two reasons for causing too much oil: one is that the throttle valve is open too large; the other is that the air filter is clogged with dust, the first check valve is too elastic or the throttle valve is too high.
When starting according to the normal starting method and steps, the pulling rope can not be started several times and a lot of oil mist is sprayed at the exhaust pipe port, which indicates that there is too much oil in the exhaust pipe. At that time, close the needle valve, open the choke valve, pull up the rope several times, drain too much oil out of the machine until the ignition emits a “bang, bang” sound, then open the throttle and start again. If there is still oil mist sprayed out and can not be started, check that the air filter is blocked and that the spring force of the first check valve is too large. Because this will reduce the intake air in the machine and the oil intake will increase, resulting in improper mixing of fuel and air, causing difficulty in starting or low speed and weak work. At this time, the air filter should be cleaned or the spring forced of the check valve should be appropriately adjusted to maintain tightness.
The opening height of the throttle valve is too large, which will also cause improper mixing ratio of air and fuel, resulting in high engine speed , unsynchronized movement of the upper rand lower pistons, uncoordinated work and reduce the rock drilling speed. It will also cause the engine to coast the cars. At this time, the throttle opening height can be adjusted to 9~10mm.
In addition, too much oil is injected, which not only causes fuel waste, but also accelerates carbonization inside the machine, increases machine temperature, reduces machine performance or stops by itself, so that it is difficult to start again. Therefore, the oil intake of the gasoline rock drill is not as larger as possible, it is better to open the throttle to a circle after starting.

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