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Hydraulic Pile Driver
Hydraulic Pile Driver

Pile Drilling Machine
Pile Drilling Machine

YG series hydraulic pile driver is an upgraded multi-functional machine based on a hydraulic pile driver. It combines piling and pulling piles. It is a highway professional machinery, safety engineering fence pipe pile construction, widening, and maintenance. The machine adopts hydraulic machinery as the transmission power, precise positioning of piling, strong traction, simple operation, stable performance, long service life, and multi-purpose use. If people need to pull the pile, the pile driver can be pulled out from the mainframe on the ground and then pushed to the position of the pile, the front chassis is stuck in the middle of the pile, and finally, the pile is pulled with the cover. The machine can be used according to different road construction requirements, such as round pipe, square pipe pile, Z-shaped pile, C-type pile, and so on. In addition, YG Machinery also has rotary drilling rigs, horizontal drilling rigs, core drill machines, trailer-mounted water well-drilling rigs, crawler DTH drill machines, blast hole drilling machines, anchor drill machines, and portable water well drilling rigs. Contact us to know more machine details. 【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Parameter of Mini Pile Driver:

HammerHead Model

(Length * width * height)

Diesel Engine Power

Working Pressure

 Work Flow

Working Height

Total Weight








Working Principle of Hydraulic Pile Driver:

The hydraulic pile driver for the mini excavator is powered by a motor-driven hydraulic pump, using hydraulic oil as a working medium, using the pressure of hydraulic oil to transmit power, and driving the pile hammer to perform the working operation of the pile driving operation. Since its appearance, the hydraulic pile driver has gradually eliminated the old-fashioned pile driver and has occupied the leading position in the pile driver market because it does not need complicated external equipment has huge impact energy, and has wide application advantages.

Features of Pile Driver Machine:

  1. The vertical rail of the machine is supported by two-cylinder hydraulic power, and the vertical rail is telescopically foldable.
  2. It is the ideal equipment for the construction and maintenance of anti-collision guardrails such as roads, highways, and security projects.
  3. Easy to operate and install. The machine can also be equipped with a drill.

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Mobile Hydraulic Drilling Rig
Mobile Hydraulic Drilling Rig

Folding Type Hydraulic Pile Driver
Folding Type Hydraulic Pile Driver

Pile Driver for the Environment:

The hydraulic pile driver is generally suitable for highway guardrail installation engineering and construction engineering. Therefore, the hydraulic pile driver is divided into highway hydraulic pile driver and construction hydraulic pile driver. A highway hydraulic pile driver is a commonly used equipment in highway engineering, also known as a guardrail pile driver or road guardrail pile driver. The full hydraulic pile driver is one of the necessary equipment for road construction companies and large and small engineering teams in the installation and maintenance of highway guardrails. This equipment plays an extremely important role in the installation of highway guardrails in China and even abroad.

Different types of pile drivers are suitable for different geological environments: conventional hydraulic pile drivers have large amplitudes and are suitable for construction in cohesive soil. A High-frequency pile driver is suitable for sandy soil, while the non-resonant type is suitable for vibration. Restricted area. The series of hydraulic pile drivers can realize the sinking and drawing construction of the pile, the high-strength concrete precast pile, the vibration sinking pipe pouring pile, and various steel piles.

Safety Matters:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to play without piles!
  2. It is strictly forbidden to throw, squash, and collide!
  3. Do not immerse in the sewage for a long time.
  4. Do not put it in a hot, humid environment for a long time.
  5. If there is a malfunction during use, immediately turn off the gas source stop using it, and inform the professional to repair it.

Pile Driver Installation Operation Procedures:

  1. The driver of pile driver must be familiar with the structure, performance, operation essentials, and safety precautions of the machine. After passing the examination and obtaining the certificate, it can be operated separately.
  2. The operator must concentrate on the operation. Do not talk, laugh, play, or make trouble with unrelated people, and do not allow smoking and food during the operation.
  3. Strictly abide by the relevant maintenance regulations of the pile driver, and carefully carry out maintenance at all levels to ensure that the pile driver is always in good condition. And pay attention to reasonable use and correct operation.

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Portable Pile Driver
Portable Pile Driver

Folding Pile Driver Machine Manufacturer
Folding Pile Driver Machine Manufacturer

Before the Pile Driver is Working, the Following Preparations Should be Made:

  1. Obtain the construction and tasks, as well as the problems found during construction and the matters needing attention.
  2. Adjust the position of the shifting gear of the pile driver according to the vibration force required by the construction personnel.
  3. Check that the insulation of the cables and wires is good. Check that the controller contacts are good and that the wiring is correct.
  4. Check if the voltage of the power supply meets the requirements.
  5. Lubricate and maintain the parts according to the daily maintenance items.

Safety Precautions for Pile Drivers at Work:

  1. When the pile driver works, there must be a special person to command. Commanders and operators must check each other’s signals before they work. Work should be closely coordinated.
  2. In the beginning, apply a bell or other means to signal the surrounding people to leave.
  3. The pile driver and the pile cap, the pile cap, and the pipe string ( or pile) should be flattened, the coupling bolts should be tightened, and the looseness should be checked frequently.
  4. The start of the pile driver should be accelerated to a high speed by the low-speed gear.
  5. The pile driver should pay close attention to the indication of current and voltage on the control panel during work. If abnormal noise or other abnormal conditions are found, stop the inspection immediately.
  6. Always check the bearing temperature and bearing cap screws for the loose image. Strictly check the eccentric iron block coupling screws for looseness to prevent accidents.
  7. When sinking, it is strictly forbidden to stand around the column ( or pile).

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