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Rock Drills for Sale in Malaysia

Gasoline Rock Drill for Sale in YG
Gasoline Rock Drill for Sale in YG

Gasoline Rock Drill for Sale
Gasoline Rock Drill for Sale

At the beginning of December, our sales manager successfully sold several rock drills. This customer is very special. It is a new customer introduced by a customer who bought a machine from our company before because customers who bought a machine from our company believe in our machine. Quality also knows the specialty of our company. So when our old customer introduced this customer, the customer quickly paid us the full amount, saying that they believed in us very much, and also said that they would purchase more machines later. We also hope to cooperate with this customer in the future. Now we are not only partners but also close friends who share daily routines. I will introduce our machine below, please check it out. If you are interested and need it, you can contact us at any time.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Gasoline Rock Drill Parameter:

Model YG-YN29
Weight 27kg
overall dimension 746*315*229mm
engine single-cylinder, air-cooled two strokes
Cylinder diameter*stroke piston 58*70mm
Rotating speed of the engine more than 2450r/min
displacement of engine 185cm^3
carburetor hand needle valve, no floating type
Ignition system controllable silicon contactless system
Drilling speed more than 2450r/min
Max drilling depth 6M
Fuel consumption 1.2L/min
Tank capacity more than 1:14L
the mixing ratio of gasoline and lubrication oil 12:01
end of drill rod dimensions hexagonal 22*108mm
Rotating speed of drill rod more than 200r/min
Clearance of spark plug 0.5-0.7mm

Rock Drill Types:

The rock drill is used for the direct mining of stone tools. It drills holes in the rock formations to put explosives into the rock to complete the mining of stone or other stonework. In addition, rock drills can also be converted into destroyers to break hard layers such as concrete. According to their power source, rock drills can be divided into four categories: gasoline rock drills, pneumatic rock drills, electric rock drills, and hydraulic rock drills.

Working Principle:

The rock drill works according to the principle of impact crushing. When working, the piston makes a high-frequency reciprocating motion, which constantly impacts the tail. Under the action of the impact force, the pointed wedge-shaped drill head crushed the rock and cut it into a certain depth to form a dent. After the piston retracted, the drill turned through a certain angle, the piston moved forward, and when it hit the tail again, a new dent was formed. The fan-shaped rock mass between the two dents is shredded by the horizontal component force generated on the drill bit. The piston continuously impacts the tail of the drill, and continuously inputs compressed air or pressure water from the center hole of the drill to discharge the slag out of the hole, forming a circular hole of a certain depth.

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Application of Gasoline Rock Drill
Application of Gasoline Rock Drill

Gasoline Rock Drill Manufacturer
Gasoline Rock Drill Manufacturer

Advantages of Gasoline Rock Drill:

Gasoline rock drills are easy to operate with high efficiency, reach the first-class level of similar products, and are fully interchangeable with parts of similar international products. The gasoline rock drill is convenient to carry, suitable for high mountains, with no power, no wind pressure equipment, and temporary mobile projects with high mobility. It has a wide range of adaptability.

Characteristics of Gasoline Rock Drill:

  1. The hand-held gasoline rock drill is a hand-held rock drilling tool composed of a trinity of a small gasoline engine, a compressor, and a rock drill.
  2. During operation, the rock dust in the blast hole is washed by the compressed air generated by itself.
  3. The host is light in weight and easy to carry. It is suitable for high mountains, with no power supply, and no wind pressure equipment. It is especially suitable for temporary projects with large mobility.
  4. Drill holes in the rock, which can be vertically downward, horizontally, and upward less than 45º. the deepest vertical drilling depth is 6m.

Use of Gasoline Rock Drill:

  1. The gasoline rock drill is suitable for rock drilling. If new parts are replaced, they can be changed into a crusher and tamping machine for various crushing, shoveling, excavation, splitting, and tamping work.
  2. It can work in high mountains and flat land; in extreme heat of +40 ℃ or in the area of severe col of -40 ℃. This machine has wide adaptability.

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